Confessions of an Illustrator...


I have a confession to make... I love handwriting. I have always admired beautiful script and I am so glad that there is a resurgence of elegant penmanship because we need it more than ever. Everything is so slick and polished that the expressive line is often lost. For me the hand is ever important in my work, from line drawings in pattern making to my own handwriting you’ll see the mark of the maker in everything I do. I often use text in pretty hand lettered words in my illustrations, but I’d like to make it better- have a natural flow. That is why I am so excited about resources such as The Pigeon Letters 10 Ways to Draw the Alphabet (both Capitals and Lowercase). No joke I have been pouring over them for at least 12 hours- Practice makes perfect or at least builds muscle memory so that I can interject my own personality into each stroke!

I am even playing favourites. Letters that I have decidedly like better than others (I have only done the Capital thus far- so I am sure I will have more)

I am a fan of B- so many great words start with it, such as my daughter’s name Billie... I love how it is curvy and has great bounce and well as child my favourite play thing was Barbie.

E- also the first letter of my son’s name, Elijah… I will occasionally call the B&E for short. You can use very clean strokes or fancy the up a bit.

K- was a clear favourite and that surprised me. I have always disliked it, the sound of it is hard and unforgiving but with a light hand it can be quite beautiful!

M- I’ve always had a love hate relationship with this letter, I write it so often when I sign for the things at the store. I never think it looks grown up enough with its soft humps but it flows naturally  and it's mine.

N- is definitely more grown up than M, it has a nice clean line and just one hump…

O- could draw it all day, there is nothing more pleasing than an circle.

P- is for Play and that you do with this letter!

S- soft, supple and  a little serious, also the name a child I miss.

W- because it is an upside M!!!

X+Z(ed) tie- I had always disliked the criss cross  of the X, felt kinda cold, but had some flare and that is a whole other ball game… Z(ed) because I like saying it and I especially like the Curly Cursive uppercase Z(ed).

Hand lettering is an excellent way to add flare to any project, when it is done with confidence it can add a touch of personality and intimacy. I  have created personal print fonts for my own use, you’ll see examples of it in my etsy listings but my goal is to have my own ready made fonts based off of my own handwriting. I want to create matching scripts for all sorts of projects. I am bubbling with anticipation of the potential! I’ll update you all when it comes to fruition.