Illustration Services


Looking for an illustrator or a specific pattern for your next creative project? I would love to help with that, I specialise in black and white drawings that have loose quirkiness quality about them. I love excess and minimalism equally believing that one can compliment the other. If something about my style speaks to you or if you think that we can collaborate I would love to hear from you.


Illustration - Need an Illustration for your next project? Something small or a spread. ex. Illustration for your blog, a magazine, a product, social media icon or logo. They are always hand drawn and converted digitally. You will get the file you request.  I don't usually give the original Ai, psd or,  InDesign files unless you specially request and the project is commercial. I am happy to talk licensing. 

Surface Design - Want a one of kind pattern design for a piece of fabric, wall decor and or many other applications?

Clip Art - For several of my illustrations and patterns I have single motifs that are available as clip art. Usually in sets with accents and flares. 


Illustration Rates - Project Dependent:

Hourly and Fixed Rates available, please contact Megan Carroll for more information.

Surface Design Rates - Flat fee or Licensing

Flat Fee or Licensing for single designs or collections, please contact Megan Carroll.

Graphic Design- I am proficient in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Word Products & Google Docs.